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Beautiful Porsche 914 - modified for autocross and comfortable spirited driving.

Jake Raby 2316cc Turn Key Engine, Full Race Balance with all options - approx 4000 miles on engine
Engine alone should be worth $15K+
Raby has a long waiting list for his Type IV engines

Tangerine Stainless Headers
Dual 48mm Spanish Weber Carburetors
Accusump Oil System
External Oil Filter
Stainless Braided Fuel and Oil Lines
Cylinder Head Temperature Gauges on All 4 Cylinders
Wideband AFR Gauge
Fuel Pressure Gauge
2 sets of wheels and tires -
one set of black powder-coated 5.5" Rivieras running 185/70-15's
one set of 6.5" Aluminum Racing Wheels made by Keizer running 205/55-15's (I have also run Hoosier 205/50-15 AX Slicks on them in the past)

No Rust
Bare Metal Repaint of Exterior in 2013 - Guards Red with PPG Deltron - not perfect but close
Underside stripped and recoated
Interior stripped and recoated
Very quiet and rattle free - especially for a 914
Extremely Clean interior
Top of the line Alpine stereo with external sub amp - sounds excellent
Dino Steering Wheel
Rennshift Kit

Adjustable suspension
Koni shocks
175 pound rear springs
Tarett front sway bar
Elephant bushings on front end

Transmission rebuilt by Original Customs in Sonoma
Throttle Linkage also from Original Customs

This car is fast and handles great. Very reliable.

I've owned it since 2008 and have done most of the work myself. All records since approx 2005 available. Some extra parts as well. Clean title. This is my second 914 and I have extensive experience working on these cars. I've been through everything on this car other than the engine which Jake himself built.

Please email / pm me with questions. Happy to show the car.

I'm moving on to other projects... no rush to sell so don't bother with cheap offers.

Was $26K. Winter pricing is $24K. Now $23K.

Thank you!


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I've seen this car in person & sat in the passenger seat for half a day at WCR a few years back. This car is in excellent shape. The motor has some serious pull to it as well. Fastest 914 type 4 I have ever ridden in aktion035.gif
Thanks Jamie. It's significantly faster and smoother with the 48mm spanish webers as well. The EMPI 44mm's just weren't enough.
Prob the fastest 4 (street) I've ever ridden in. Nice car. GLWTS Steve.
Bobby Smith
Very nice build. Does the car have an oil cooler? If so, what kind and where? Are the 48 carbs to large? I used to run a 2.6 with 40's and a 2.8 with 45's. Thanks.
I rode in this car at the WCR at The Dalles; what a great ride. Steve did a great job putting this car together. Wish I had the extra $$$$
Raby's are the Shiznit! Add a damn nice car = Nice! first.gif

Yes, the car has an oil cooler mounted under the rear trunk, above the transmission. Not sure of the brand - it was something I picked up from Summit Racing. It also runs incredibly cool - CHT rarely above 270 F.

IMHO, the 48mm carbs vastly outperform the 44mm's with this engine. I have a big selection of jets and mains and spent months fine tuning the AFR for best performance.
Those aluminum wheels look great on that car. Also like the seat belts. smoke.gif
Bump for Winter Price.
Jake Raby
Steve, hate to see this one leave you... FWIW- The engine today would be around 22,500.00 to recreate. Build time is 1 year.
"FWIW" equals a whole hell of a lot! Well, that was a great piece of information for the lucky person that gets to purchase this car!. If building this engine takes one year and 22K, this car is a real find.
Yep, and The suspention parts would prob run close to $2k new if not more. In their boxes.
I can hardly wait for it to stop raining (or snowing) in Portland. Need to get Scarlett out on the street for some fun. She's been cooped up all Winter long...
Hi , is it a 1.7 or a 2 liter car originally ?
QUOTE(fduval @ Feb 13 2017, 08:18 AM) *

Hi , is it a 1.7 or a 2 liter car originally ?

1.7 originally
New price. $23k
It does have an oil cooler mounted under the rear trunk - has a fan with temp switch on it as well. Yes, it would be better up front but that's lot of extra plumbing.

The car doesn't have heat but Tangerine will build a heat exchanger for these headers for $489. Just sayin'.

NICE engine....Raby built me two TWIN PLUG engines years ago...they were monsters.

I have the same Raby 2.3L as you in my current 914-GT...just love the pull and sound.

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PM sent..ty
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