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This is the best Porsche, or any auto board I’ve ever been on.

Thanks all of you
I've been on a solid 20 of them, this community is far and above the best and its members have stood the test of time.
Front yard mechanic
Wow six posts and eleven thousand posts and both agree aktion035.gif
Well thanks! beerchug.gif
Absolutely the best Board ever. I start and end my day on the World. Thanks to SirAndy and all of the Admins for keeping us up and running so we can all enjoy our passion. beerchug.gif

More than a board....a community.
This site has been in large part the only way I've had the pleasure of driving a 914. Thank you.

Without the help of the members on this board, and the skills of Chris Foley and Ed Morrow of Tangerine Racing, I would not have been able to restore/modify my 914 and get it back on the road.
You mean there are other boards?
QUOTE(jakedog @ Mar 19 2017, 07:41 PM) *

This is the best Porsche, or any auto board I’ve ever been on.

Thanks all of you

Hey, great to see a newbie in Middle Tennessee. I am east of Nashville in Mount Juliet. Let me know if you need any local help.

QUOTE(jakedog @ Mar 19 2017, 08:41 PM) *

This is the best Porsche, or any auto board I’ve ever been on.

Thanks all of you


Yeah, this board is very, very cool. smoke.gif
Marty Yeoman
Without this board I would not be able to live vicariously through the highs and lows of 914 ownership biggrin.gif
Not only because of the wealth of knowledge, this board is great. I've had a lot of different makes/models and usually join a forum for any new car I own, so I'm on everything from Jeep and classic Ford truck forums, to Volvo, VW, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and BMW Motorcycle. Often times multiple forums for each make/model. In all, likely close to 2 or 3 dozen.

When my birthday rolls around, my email is FULL of all of these forums wishing me a happy birthday.

But 914World has been one of the best, easily top 3.
Agreed. Owning a 914 would be very difficult were it not for this site. Much appreciated!!
I'm on Pelican Parts and Early 911 S Registry a bunch. I prefer this one too. We'll done gang.
Hans Jan
My only wish was that I knew about this community BEFORE I bought the car.
It has been a year of heavily relying on the brain-trust here to get me through the challenges. Including engine fire, electrical confusion, exhaust mismatch and the list goes on. Just gotten the car to start again today (again with the advise of this great group).
Wil drive it for a little while, before asking quetions again (probably about streering wheel/hub and all the issues that go with that).

Thanks girls and guys.
And lets not forget the vendors.
I could not have kept a 914 without the Information, parts sources, and events; thank you
..............oh yeah, we are so cool........just ask us if we agree
drunk.gif drunk.gif drunk.gif
Contrary to what the others are saying, I have to strenuously disagree. this place is freakin' dangerous.

I have spent a ton more money on upgrades and improvements making it a far superior car than when I got it. Which isn't saying a lot compared to some of the master works others own.

And then there's the people here that rush to help every time I paint myself into a corner, which is just about every project. You'd think they'd learn. wink.gif.


If it weren't for you mother_______ers with real 914-6s and /6 conversion cars, I'd still be driving my car.

This six conversion thing is expensive and addicting.
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