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After seeing the guy in the classifieds with 20 chair.gif rollers.
how many 914s do you have, that run and have current registration?
who holds the record? Current cars only,none of the past.
That's a rather inflammatory statement, don't you think? smile.gif

Be sure to add: "that the wife knows about...."
1 running 1 ready for paint
Edward Blume
Two, but would jump on the right roller.
Just one and it is running. City won't allow cars on the lawn for rollers.
......I have one; registered but not running-yet.
Just two, but willing to add more if needed!
ONE.......but three every night just before I fall asleep
We have four registered with three running and one from Cali waiting to be restored.

ALWAYS looking for another smile.gif smile.gif
One running, and a roller in a storage unit. I really need to sell it because it costs money every month to keep, and entails an extra cross-country trip every couple years when we move. It's cost me way more to store and transport than I paid for it 15 years ago when I could drive it.
2 registered, insured, and running. 3 rollers/parts donors. Wife knows about all of them. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
Any orphan rollers needing a home?
2. And they'll both be at Rt66 this year.
QUOTE(76-914 @ Apr 15 2017, 12:37 PM) *

2. And they'll both be at Rt66 this year.

You can only drive one!
This thread offends me, I need to go to my safe garage space.
The OP is an evil elitist with his jackstand shaming.

It is time for a revolution where we, the oppressed owners of non-running 914's, throw off our stigma and declare...

Rusty Lives Matter (RLM)!
I'm not tellin'...
1 and it runs. I can't see how I would find the time for more than 1, but I also don't know why you would want more power than a T4 on a street driven 914. And no I have never ridden in a six.
1 non-runner

Do not want another one, heck, I barely want this one anymore smile.gif
Garold Shaffer
1 registered, but three (in total) runners plus 4 parts cars.

confused24.gif What, I don't have a problem. biggrin.gif
One running driving, one on the rotisserie in epoxy primer and three rollers.
Just one.

But that's one more than most teeners have! bootyshake.gif
One, officially on jack stands for one year now.


Just one, but it runs quite nicely. piratenanner.gif
1.5 biggrin.gif
2 registered, insured and driveable, does enough parts to build a third count?
One, registered but not running... yet. Stay tuned.
I have three, 1 is running and driving, 1 is a runner but being re-worked, and one is a parts car.
Two....Both street legal--Kermee is mostly street lethal.
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One running, two staged for -6 conversions, one a GT.

Have the running for sale in the classifieds. Don't know what I'll do if it sells....
Both of mine are finally running after six years...
plays with cars
Define "running" ...

One now. I wouldn't trust it for a cross country trip (yet), but it's hitting the autocross circuit this year. smilie_pokal.gif
Three 914s but also a 951, a 931, and an 85 Westfalia all running registered and insured.

I also have a tolerant wife which is necessary given all the time I spend keeping all these things going.
I have 2. One complete and running (insured but not registered) and one in progress. It's very nice condition but waiting for the engine to be completed...
I am currently 0 for 2. Wife knows about 1. When I got the second and started thinking I might be catching the disease, my buddy said don't worry, you can still make fun of people with 3 or more.
One, and it's a runner!
2 running and used on nice days... '71 original owner, and '73 third owner (known history since new)...
Will stay in family, have two boys who both inherited the car gene, very understanding wife (who used to autocross the '71 WAY back when!)
I bought mine new and it runs perfectly. Don't know about having another 914. I am kinda partial to virgins. Don't want my ass sitting where someone else's ass has been!

Women? Not picky there! beerchug.gif
Two. Oh, "running"....none. sad.gif
Sea Dragon 914
Two running well and a third that runs for about 20 minutes and then shuts down (think it is either fuel pump or CHT sensor). Hope to have a new engine and new paint for the third one by the end of summer.
Two non running as well dry.gif
914s actually run? Stop the presses!

I thought they all came with Jack stands as standard equipment.
What, some 914s run!! WTF.gif

I have 4, non run sad.gif

One of them is registered in my name!
That has to count for something? confused24.gif


Looks like Jett has the lead with four.
Just 2...both running really well (finally!!), but only one is registered...
And the winner is this guy..... first.gif

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QUOTE(Coondog @ Apr 20 2017, 06:17 AM)

And the winner is this guy..... first.gif

Click to view attachment

Definitely not registered and not many teeners.
This guy has a couple although!Click to view attachment
Nice call on that pic. Which always brings up the age old question of how many road worthy 914s are left ?? and at what point is a graveyard 914 going to start commanding $10,000 or more.
2 running
3 registered and insured
5 total
2 more runners and 1 roller in my shop that don't belong to me.

I could have 3 running real quick if I'd install a motor back in one, the other two are going to take some time.

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