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Hi all,

I have spend some time here in the classified section over the last couple of weeks, actually tried to buy a car from at least two forum members. smile.gif In the process I learned a lot about these funny Volkswagen Porsche cars. First of all that most cars have serious rust problems and that the nice cars are increasing in value. I also discovered that the 914 community is extremely friendly and always ready to help.

Couple of days ago I found a perfect 914 with a local Porsche specialist. At first I didn't like Olympic Blue color in the photos but when I could see the actual car I fell in love. The car was originally sold in California and has seen two owners before the car was imported to The Netherlands in 2012. That makes me the fourth owner. The car came with full history, a large binder with bills and other documentation basically since 1973!!

My first challenge was to bring the car home because it was raining heavily that day, and I know of the first rule when it comes to owning a 914. smile.gif Next challenge was to put it in 1st and not in reverse, but the drive home with my son next to me was an awesome experience. We even took the top of for the last few miles.

My plans are:
- Use the car in classic car rallies (navigation and regularity challenges)
- Fix the windshield wiper switch
- Find out why white smoke entered the cabin through the left side vent at one time
- Have the valences sprayed in matte black
- Investigate the roll bar sides, some say the missing vinyl is original, others say the vinyl is missing

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
welcome.png ..that Blue is epic and the car looks very clean... good luck and enjoy beerchug.gif
I like the shift pattern sticker, you'll get used to it after a while ...

PS: welcome.png
welcome.png beerchug.gif That Blue looks awesome with the chrome bumpers !
Good luck with it.
welcome.png That's a great looking car.

If it were me, I'd wait a bit before painting the rockers and valances to see if the color grows on you. I also think the body color sail panels look great, btw. Judging from the chrome bumpers I'm guessing it was an Appearance Group car and originally came with vinyl sails. You can probably tell by looking up at the inner 1/4 panel forward of the rear wheel well. You'll probably see evidence of the three trim holes filled.

Enjoy! driving.gif
Goed gedaan Jetze en olympia blau is de mooiste kleur die er is.
Ik zou de schorten ook zwart spuiten smile.gif
Sommigen kwamen met vinyl en sommige zonder. Kan je altijd wat aan doen.

En als je wat power mist kan je de motor laten opboren... zoek hier maar eens

En nu zit de rest van het forum te raden wat ik hier allemaal schrijf biggrin.gif

Sorry guys, a Belgian and a Dutch must at least post one msg in their language ...

Won't happen again. beerchug.gif

Man, you are looking good. Got it just in time to drive a little. I have spent a lot of time in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and Harlem. Nice to do business in the Benelux.

All you have to do is just fix it a little to get just what you want. Looks super clean. Happy you found one.
Bob B
I to have spent many days in Holland. I can imagine your car in a photo shoot at Het Loo Palace, complete with the Peacocks.
The color of your car is a delight. Well done.
Great looking car. I love the olympic blue. I actually like the blue valances and rocker panels as well.

Could the white smoke through the left vent be oil or water in the heat exchangers?

According to the 914 and 914/6 Porsche Restorers Guide the rear roll bar panel was painted on standard four cylinder cars from 1970-73, while cars with the appearance group option had vinyl trim. Cars from 1974-76 all had vinyl trim. Vinyl trim was standard on all six cylinder cars.
Mark Henry
QUOTE(maf914 @ Oct 12 2017, 12:04 PM) *

Could the white smoke through the left vent be oil or water in the heat exchangers?

White smoke is likely oil dripping onto the heat exchangers, I see new pushrod tube seals in your future.
Nice looking teen smile.gif

Attractive looking car in that colour, judging by the interior it looks like the car is low mileage....27 K miles ? hard to see the speedo in the pic.
I'm partial to Olyblau cars, myself. And I do think the rockers and valences look better in black.

914 7T3
QUOTE(Dave_Darling @ Oct 12 2017, 04:39 PM) *

And I do think the rockers and valences look better in black.



aktion035.gif dig it man! And yeah i love the shift sticker too.... nice tode brudda
Sorry i ment ride...not toad... beer3.gif
Leuk! Nog een Nederlandse 914 ! Welk deel van Nederland?
Welcome. Have fun ! Enjoy your 914 !
Ian Stott
Welcome! You will be able to drive your teener more than me! Mine is garaged for the winter months, not because of the cold, but once the roads start getting salted the teener stays in the garage and I wait for a few good rains in the spring before I take it out again. Enjoy your car, post pics, sharing your adventures is half the fun!

Ian Stott
Welcome to the world Jazzy,
and congratulations on your 914 purchase. Love the color and really like the look with the blue valances and rockers in the same body color. It looks different from most 914s.
Part of the enjoyment is to personalize the car to your taste. As long as the modifications can easily be returned to original there is no big deal.
Enjoy your 914 (you have some very nice roads in your part of the world) in good health.
Oh yes; share photos of your adventures with car.
Be well,
Beautiful car. You did very well.
Some pics from last Saturday's event:

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Copy paste from what I posted on Facebook:

The previous owner was more of the collector type, but this is how I prefer to enjoy my 914. I cannot think of a more fun car to participate in a 250 km classic car rally/navigation/regularity event!

This was the first full length rally for my navigator and me and our goal was to end up in the top half of the rankings. However, the rally had some nasty navigation challenges and the other participants were very competitive so we barely met our objective with a 18th place out of 36 competitors in our class. But most important is that we learned a lot and above all, had fun.

The car definitely needs some new shocks, one is stuck and the other three are absolutely gone. The stock brakes were sufficient for this type of event but I found that the engine did not pick up quick enough for instance when make a quick turn around on the road. That's something to investigate.

The lights were absolutely insufficient during the night, I hope I can improve the head lights without the need to add additional lights.

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Had the valances painted, decal on the sides, new shocks, brakes and a tune-up. I love this car!
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