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I have been blessed with good health and am putting another year under my belt. I am going to be working on 70 this coming year. I am going to share my parts will the members here. I will start by posting a Freebie everyday until Christmas. My only request is you pay the postage. I won't know what it is until I pick it up in the warehouse. So lets get started !!!
Mark you are a good man.. And a public shout out to thank you for the gift you already provided my dad..

Elliot Cannon
Your offer is generous. Your "T" shirt is insulting. biggrin.gif
Your shirt is funny. Not true but funny lol-2.gif
Gotta add a little humor in !
well heck..........I thought that was Mike Meyers.
My 914

I admire your generosity.
You need to make a song to go along with teh give away.
One the 1st day of Christmas I'm going to give away one ATE master cylinder......

Good man Mark.
great post... biggrin.gif
Going to start posting in the early evening so more people can get a chance.
Top man,and first.gif smilie_pokal.gif ,only had a few dealing with Mark but everyone has been 100% ,he offers great info on here and finds stuff that few people know how to find @ fair prices,then he offers free Xmas specials.
BTW love your tee shirt go's along way to describing young people these days,thank god my kids are above that.
Great idea
Thanks for doing this, I will put that piston ring compressor to good use, mine broke!
Robert Redford !
A genuine gesture of the season.
Great Idea !
Thank you
You are a good man! smilie_pokal.gif beerchug.gif Thank you for sharing of information and your generosity. Another person who makes the World such a great place to hang.... cheer.gif
...........I want that T shirt smoke.gif
Camping on someone elses thread, here's my contribution.
Free to good home just pay shipping. i seem to have acquired extra engine tin parts, sand blasted and epoxy primed, note one small hole
The black painted ones were also sandblasted and epoxy primed, but black scuffed from my pile of parts.
Note the defrost duct has a chunk missing may be good for trial fitment only, i just hate to throw things away.
Warm air ducts from H/E's to the flapper valves, surface rust but no thru holes
Pair of late style door window bases

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Bump for more freebies
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