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Just noticed when I made a reply on another post,
I had a date with destiny 11 years ago today.....

I don't post here a lot, but do a fair amount of reading. Thanks folks for being a great source for information on these fantastic but quirky little Porsches.

My car , a '74 - 2.0 litre was found by me after many exhaustive searches for a nice, rust free and accident free chassis. Traveling to the southwest and west to source good candidates, this 60,000 mile original virtually found me.

Sunflower Yellow. Absolutely ZERO rust. A dry, summer driven only, Montana car most of it's life, it made it's way first to Bismarck, ND then Fargo, ND where it required mechanical help at the local Porsche dealership on a drive to Minneapolis, MN. It was torn apart mechanically to diagnose and repair, but never paid for by the second owner. He was later tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.

The car was purchased by me for the 'amount due on the bill' and the title was surrendered by that owner and passed on to me. The interior is near perfect with very little to no wear shown on the door sills, pedals, and light wear on the steering wheel. Seats show as new. Dash shows as new. All tools, jack, spare, and paperwork from new was in the glove box.

I paid a total of $750.00 dollars in the fall of 1994 before embarking on making it mechanically sound. The car rides on 3 sets of wheels. The original steel mags which I had media blasted and repainted due to light rust deep in the seam between hub and rim. It has it's date coded correct, set of 5 FUCHS - 4 bolt alloys which are in perfect condition. And a new set of Campagnolo cast Magnesium alloys are ready to fit for variation, giving up a 'new and different look' from show to show.

What are YOUR stories ? How long have you owned your 914s ? And how long have YOU been here on this Forum page ?
Almost 15 years. Prior to joining the 914Club site, I didn’t know another 914 owner, and I was considering selling the 914.
Soon as I joined 914Club ( now 914World) I met Joe Sharp. He lived two miles from me and had several 914s and a garage full of parts. He and THOMAS helped me with many projects; I kept the 914 and lived happily ever after.

Joe hosted many terrific 914 Bar-B-Qs where a lot other owners could share ideas, what a blast that was !
wub.gif Story
Bought mine mine a little over ten years ago, and joined up here the year after.

My Dad gave be some money a year before he passed and said.. "son get yourself something to have fun with. You need that." So I did.

So I went looking and found two. One was done and had carbs 10k, the other was bone stock with a 1.7 in it. Went to look at the 1.7 first. The car was mostly original except for the rims and tires and it was a smog. So we made a deal for 2,500. 50 bucks to register it with no smog and $200 bucks for classic car insurance. What a deal.

Next year I ended up getting divorced. Gave away everything I had, except my house. X-wife wanted the car and I said no way, I inherited the money and kept it separate so no dice. Ended up with my house and the car and not much else.

Years later I re-married to a wonderful woman with her own sports car. Have spent countless hours and countless dollars restoring the car and driving it. It's never been on jacks stand for more that 3 months while I was doing the suspension.

I had enjoyed every minute of it, working on it, driving it.

Was in the 914club before world but says I joined in 2011- swore it was earlier than that. Been driving a 914 since December of 1970- still have my original car... and several others after that... including a real '71 six I NEVER should have sold!
First one I still own, bought in 2001 maybe.
Bought probably 20 since, stripped, parted out, cut up, and saved a few.
Most were classically rusty junk in the NE.

dont know how long I have been here, first month or so of 914World, and prior to that 914Club.

First 914 before AG invented the internet... Porschelist email before it became Rennlist...Club before it became World.. what's next?
Bought my first 914 in 1973. Have had one ever since. Was part of a local group of 6-8 owners, long before the internet. I've been here almost 15 years.
Member since June 2003. Back in 95 I was going to get married, long story but I called it off. In a moment of self pity I decided I wanted a 944. Went to look at one for sale and the guy also had a 73 914 for sale. Never did drive the 944, test drove the 914 and bought it. In 98 I married my wife (not the Ex from 95) and ended up selling my 73 in 99.

In 2003 I had the itch real bad for a 914 and after months of talking about it my wife said what am I waiting for, go find a 914. While searching the web I came across 914club and joined.

A week or so later I seen a 914 on ebay that was owned by Brad Mayeur before the seller on ebay had owned it. Knowing Brad I called him and he gave me the scoop on it from when he owned it. The owner then also had Brad service it and Brad gave it a very high recommendation. Long story short I bough the car after it didn't sell on ebay.

I owned that 914 for little over 12yrs, sold it 2015 and it now resides in Toronto Canada where it sees duty as a weekend ride and vintage racing. The current owner and I keep in touch a few times a year. One day maybe I will buy it back confused24.gif

Many of other 914's from drivers, parts cars and race cars have come through my hands over the years. I have met many great people because of that little car and this great site (Thanks Andy beerchug.gif ) and my day doesn't feel complete if I don't check this site at least once (more like 10 times) a day.
I have owned a 914 since 1990 and was a member of 914 club and have been a member of world since 2006. I have made great friends here and stalk the site daily and enjoy it. Yeah I know I’m gluten for punishment.

I didn’t realize it had been that long.
My school bus drove past a partially disassembled 914 in a driveway for 7 yrs until I was a sr. in highschool when I got some cash and offered the lady $900 for the car. She said get it out of here and thus started my 914 journey. This was 1987 and I still have the car.
As for 914world, i've surpassed 10 yrs and what a great community.
I joined just over 10 years ago. I spent 20 years earning my living as a Porsche mechanic and bought 914 when I worked at an independent shop. We did a lot of Porsche prep for time trials, track use and autocross. I prepped my 914 for autocross and spent several years competing in PCA Zone 7 and local PCA autocross events.
I changed my profession in 95 and have been working in an office ever since.
A few years later the engine in the 914 died and it sat for a decade in my driveway. When I joined 914world it was to gather info for the resurrection of my 914.
Well I learned a lot in short order, read about a thing called a "hell hole" and low and behold my 914 had one.
I have since bought 4 more 914s and only sold 1 of them. I still have my original but it is too rusty for me to repair and I am working on a 72 that was stripped and repainted before I bought it.

My office job is still tied to Autmotive repair and I have belonged to many different car forums over the years and 914world is by far the best.

My first 914 was the late 70’s. My current 914 I have semi owned since 86. I sold it and then bought it back. I was on multiple sites before Pelican and 914club. I was on the club before the split. Because it was the same database I kept my low member number and user Id.
I had followed the 914 list prior to the launch of the original club, there was talk of the launch and when it went live I signed up.
I’ve been somewhat attached to these cars for just about ever.
I’ve learned tons from the members here and met some really good people, this site and the previous iterations are certainly a good thing for 914 enthusiasts.
Are there any other double digit # members?
Fifteen years and some change... only 3000 some members when I joined.

I have been a long time sports car guy. I’ve owned my 240Z since 1980. I used to autocross pretty much every weekend in the summer. I think the record was 26 events which is pretty good since I’m from Minnesota. During that time, I’d usually win my class and I think at one time I counted 46 trophies? I quit keeping them as they take up too much room. Now days, they quit giving them out. Anyways, back then, a guy named John who was an engineering student who’s parents owned a Porsche performance mail order place called Karousel Racing would show up once or twice a year. He had a 914-6 with pretty much every mod he could pick off mom and dads shelves. But more important, he was fast! When he’d show up on those rare occasions, he’d lay down a time @2 seconds faster than my fastest and then announce that he had to leave at the lunch break to go study. I’d spend the rest of the afternoon chasing his best time... your ego won’t let you admit that John is just really fast so when I got to California after Desert Sheild / Desert Storm, I started looking for that 914 that would propel me into those “John like times!” In 2003, I found that car. A 1975 914 2.0 Appearance Group Car. It was purchased new by a guy in Southern California at Sierra Porsche+Audi. Both Harvey and Al Weidman worked there at the time. The guy drove the car for about 5 years and put 67K miles on it. Then, he retired to Oregon and promptly had a stroke. He couldn’t drive any more, but he wouldn’t let his family sell it. So it sat on jackstands in his garage until his death in 2003. I bought from the estate for the opening bid price of $2500.00.

The car looked like it was new. But the brakes needed work, one of them was even locked up. The engine would run, but badly. Mostly, that was seized up djet components. Since then, several multiples of the original purchase price have been spent and with the help of PMB Performance, Original Customs, 914Rubber, and Jim Dupree jcd914 and several others, it now looks like this:
Joined back in the club days(I think I was actually driving mine back then). I haven’t actively participated in a long time (hence my newby status) because life got in the way. Still have my 75 garage ornament and have been hanging out here covertly on a regular basis hoping to actually make this the year I start refreshing it. Great site with lots of like minded, mature enthusiasts. 99.5% of the people I interact with on a daily basis don’t know what a 914 is,or care, so it’s nice to have a place to hang out where others have the same passion.
I have always had a deep love for street sports cars and racing vehicles. I bought my first sports car (1957 Austin Healey B-100) and never looked back. I restored the Healey and sold it. This was in 1970-71. Fast forward to 1968 I became interested in all types of road sport cars which included restoring 15 Alfa Romeo Spiders, 1 Lotus Esprit, 1 Triumph, and getting married. All the Alfa's except one, Triumph, and Lotus went along the way.

I saw a 914 1974 in a salvage yard during the late seventies. Being a rolling chassis without engine, etc I was back into the amateur restoration business. Being a rolling chassis, it became one of the Rod Simpson/old Renegade conversion. Had the car completed except for painting and then it sat in my garage in Santa Clara for a number of years until Brad Roberts happened to come by. That introduced me to the 914club into 914world.

The V-8 conversion handled like an old Corvette with top heaviness. Tore it a part and sold the conversion pieces. Later bought the present 914 rolling chassis from a friend in Ventura area and have converted it to 3.2 911 Carrera power. The car was essentially almost complete when I moved to Flagstaff, AZ and subsequently to Grants Pass, OR. We incurred a complete theft of all the new parts and support tools in Barstow. Got the car back since it was not running and they could not drive it. Sat for two and half years before getting back into the project.

Thanks to this site and the members support I was able to replace all the parts, get motivated again, and essentially get most of the car done including road dependability and painting. Just a few things left to do.

Was thinking of parting or selling since I am getting up in age and have had a some health problems. Members again brought realism back into me and the car is being finished.

I hope I have indicated the strengths, sources, and friends on this board. The main item is they are honest with you; they will help people with knowledge, skills, techniques, or whatever is needed to provide practical support.

Joined Jan 2003 and some 15 years later still here with a 914 needing completion.

Best years of my life spent here.

Steve Hurt
Bought my red '71 914 w/1.7L about 2003. Bought some parts on ebay until I found the 914club in 2005 or whatever it says on my sig.

In 2005 the '71 was rear ended. I got a good settlement and bought the most rust-free NE '74 914 2L car I've ever seen and repaired the '71.

Got laid off in 2008, got new job, took the severance pay, sold the '74 914 and bought an '86 930.

Still have the '71 914 and '86 930.

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QUOTE(echocanyons @ Feb 9 2018, 09:40 PM) *

I had followed the 914 list prior to the launch of the original club, there was talk of the launch and when it went live I signed up.
I’ve been somewhat attached to these cars for just about ever.
I’ve learned tons from the members here and met some really good people, this site and the previous iterations are certainly a good thing for 914 enthusiasts.
Are there any other double digit # members?

rick 918-S
Been around couple weeks. assimilate.gif
will be 9 years this fall ouch!
not 10 but close- bought non running 914 car for $2000,
it looked to be in good shape all original interior etc but a older respray- Ohio car that went to Ca( 29 Palms) then a marine brought it to east coast NC, where after sitting for a year they couldnt get it started, - my son wanted a project to do a possible electric converson- i spent $500 to get a new mps fuel lines etc c
ed and cleaned the tsnk and presto it ran! never did that conversion, just lots of fix and replace of 40 year old stuff- its now been stripped and is in primer almost ready for new paint- the rest of the details on my thread-
15 years this month. biggrin.gif

I found out about Pelican Parts forum from somewhere and was on the 914 section for years. Then one day everyone seemed to have moved to somewhere else. confused24.gif They all went to the 914Club and now here. beerchug.gif

My wife, daughter and I went out to the WCC in Portland in '06. Met a great bunch of guys. I've owned my 914 since 1979! Owned several since then.

Two things that I'm known for; I built the world's lightest 914. sawzall-smiley.gif And I repair outside door handles. bye1.gif
Oh yea, one other thing- I have the most posts on the board.
So I have been on here for 11 years. I used to hang out a little on Pelican and when I looking for my 6 -I heard of the world. The nicest people welcomed me here and I have gotten so much information from so many people here it has been great. I have tried to give back with my own experiences.

As with any online group we have a mix but I find that Porsche people, 914 people are great. A number of people have passed away and that is sad but we did get to know them a little.

I used to travel all over the world on business and when I got to that hotel room in Asia or Europe or South America, I would find some up was up and on the 914wold site.

Kept me sane or nuts. Not sure but I want to thank all the fine foals that allowed us to have the world.

Frist 914 in 1979 and it was a Black 74 2.0- I loved that car

Bob B
Followed the rest of the herd after the split. Before club there was a site I found. There was a whole crew of folks mostly in Cal that seemed to be having a bunch of fun and it was a incredible source of information. Before that I was a fledgling with a AA catalog, a Haynes manual and a set of metric tools. Very early on at STF, then the bird and the rest is well documented.
I've been here since 2005.
Only site I visit daily.
First 914 ('70) in 1977, replaced soon after with 1972 that got such a full restoration
that it sold in 1984 for $8500. Big money in those days but got us into our first house.
Two years later my first 6 (basket case) arrived.
Still have it.
Along the way many 914s and a few 6s have come and gone.
Four still here. Twenty two cylinders total.
Ray Mital (rmital here) is my local 914 compadre.
Been to many Parades including Seattle/Tacoma in 1976 (?)....five people in a '59
sunroof coupe and a '69T......2800 miles each way.
Drove my '72 to the parade in Lake of the Ozarks.
PCA member since 1983.
Still at it today with a GT project in the garage
15 years and change smile.gif

I started with the pelican board and then the guys made the 914club, after a month after the announcement I decided to join this one as well and it took off quickly.

At the time I bought my car I was only 14, I couldnt even drive! I was the youngest for many years. Math tells me that I was 16 when I joined here.

I'm a very early member as you can see. My 914 problem started in 1998/99 when I also had an early taildragger (911 for you newbs) and was about to take it apart for an 18-24 month resto project. It had been my daily driver at the time for several years and I only had about a 3-mile work commute -- a 20-30 minute drive for those of you unfamiliar with West LA, LOL -- killed me to think about not having a driveable p-car for so long. I really "fell into" the 914 since there was relatively little info online or resources out there in general, other than a few books like the Johnson one I suppose. I got very lucky and locally found a solid, complete Ravenna 73 2.0 with proper D-jet, chrome bumpers, working center console, etc. for $2300! (By the way back in the 90's I had paid ~$7500 for that 1970 911E and a good buddy had bought a 70 911T for $6000. Of course they were just perceived as quirky, expensive 'used cars' back then. We're both still kicking ourselves for selling too early.)

Back before 914club and then 914world, there was something called Porschephiles which was mainly/only an email distro list, Rennlist and also a chat-room several of us wasted endless evenings in. MikeZ (had a great flared 3.0-six), Sammy Gore (one of the early homebuilt turbo 914-4 projects), Steve Malm (the 914ZX!) and various others. Also I remember the early days Pelican was spinning-up when it was basically Tom Gould selling used parts and anything else he could out of a tiny space down behind LAX while Wayne was hacking out code and lashing-together computers as fast as he could. Wow that was a long time ago!
I am a Really early member as you can see.. Owned my 71 for forty years and found a 70 Six on this site twelve years ago..Bought many parts and asked many questions threw out the years..Thank You
I’m coming up on 13 years as a World member, but did the 914Club before that and was a member of the 914-6 Club in the pre-internet day’s. I bought my first 914 2.0 new back in 1974 while I was in grad school, and learned about auto-x and joined the local sports car club. I sold it when I found a 914-6 in a barn in southern Illinois (bought at night in a snowstorm after a short test drive). As I was still in college, I hoped it would last till I graduated, but it’s still going strong 43 years later. A couple of open top 911s came around when we had small children so we could go out as a family, but as kids grew, the 911s gave way to an additional ‘73 914. Of course, being used to the power of Porsche -6s, the -4 didn’t last too long before a big engined conversion was undertaken. Great, fun project that still resides in my garage and a 200 hp engine really makes a 914 an ultimate go-kart.

Age and comfort added another 911 (‘84 Targa) into the family as I succumbed to the lure of more comfort and AC. I know that I’ll eventually have to grow up and illness has prevented me from driving them these days, but what a ride! Thankfully I can get my fix from the 914World anytime I want!Click to view attachment Click to view attachment
9 years this month, close enough biggrin.gif

‘73 1.7 914 yellow all original. This was the first Porsche I owned for about 2 years. Did a very solid refresh and drove it a lot.

‘82 SC, great car with a strong 3.0L, I should have kept the car, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Drove this car a lot too.

‘73 2.0 914 that was saved from a garage. It was in outstanding condition. I did not have it very long because I was interested in something else...

Intermeccanica, fiberglass car that was expensive when I bought it, replaced the engine and sold it after a couple of years.

996...had this car the longest, and I still have it. basically the fastest car at the intersection (most of the time)

‘75 2.0 914 this car is in worse condition that all the others with the area under the battery being rusted, interior is unattractive but it has a 911 front end and I just refreshed the motor. It’s going to be on the road in a few months.

The regulars that use this site are awesome friendly people that like cars and doing it yourself (most of the time). It’s the best car site around.
So this November will be 10 years for me. I sold my '01 NSX shortly before I joined here and soon after started looking for a Six (3rd Six in my lifetime). Joined on November 1, 2008 and it made the world of difference for me (see what I did there?).

I found my Six thanks to SirAndy and was able to buy it in February of 2010, after almost 9 months of "negotiating" between my wife and the seller.....the wife may have come out ahead as she got a new MBZ coupe out of the deal.

I have been through a lot with this car. The only reason I did not abandon the project and sell the car about 1 year ago, after nothing was going right, was that I just really love these cars and wanted to bring it back to what it once was.

I began talking to other shops and hit the freakin' Lotto when I was contacted by Jim, (Banananose) founding member of the Justice League (IMHO) offering the assistance of he and his crew- Kent, Andy, Dave and perhaps a couple others. That is exactly what I needed. Talented, skilled, honest guys who love these cars and know them inside-out.

I have always said I wanted my car built absolutely right - despite the minor changes I have made. I believe in doing it once, doing it right and then enjoying it. With Jim's Justice League team this Six will be exactly what I wanted all along and done to the standard I always wanted. The absolute frosting on the cake is having met Jim and his crew - these are salt-of-the-earth kind of guys. When you meet them, you immediately recognize they are the real deal. I feel fortunate to know them and have them working on my car. I plan to remain friends with them for the rest of my life.

That's my story- the short version- and I'm sticking to it.

Cheers beerchug.gif Michael
Been here a long long time. beerchug.gif
Most of you know me, but I originally came here for a father son project. I had a 914 in high school, and my oldest son Michael and I were working on his 1st car. I didn't think I'd spend so much time here but set him up with an account "mikey914"
Never planned on starting a business, and as it grew thought it would be just too confusing to change identities. So I'm really Mark AKA Mikey914.
Elliot Cannon
I bought my car on ebay (sight unseen) confused24.gif September 2002. It sat on jack stand for a year and a half. My first event was WCC 2004 in the bay area. I first met Joe Sharp, THOMAS, Howard Dranow and others at a planning event for WCC 2005. Everyone was very helpful and encouraging about maintaining my car.
Cheers, Elliot
I go back to the 914 Club Renegade page on, and I've been here since March 03. I got my first 914 in Oct of 1978, which got totaled 3 months later in a Chicago winter of '79 snow related accident. 914's are great in the snow BTW, not that you'd do that today. I've had some great experiences as a result of my love of 914's, and they continue in part because of the enthusiasts on this site smilie_pokal.gif pray.gif
I just checked in here today and am amazed how many have responded.....

Also noticed Mike Fitton reading these posts...
Mike, tell us your story !

YOU have one of the most perfect 914s to be seen. I know, because we stood around it looking at it at Elkhart Lake, WI where you had it at the street Concours that night .......
I didn't realize I had been around here since '04 until the subject came up, another transfer from PP to Club then here to World. In '02 I paid Dad $1 for his original owner '73 1.7L, a legacy in original condition with 41K miles. Named her Dad's Mistress as she was and is rust free for an Ohio car, survived the slow death by rust due to Dad's driving her only in good dry weather, about the same way I treat her now. She still has original beautiful Delphi Green(L99A) factory paint on the battery tray, but the exterior was repainted 3 yrs. ago. I've made a few upgrades to keep her driving, moved fuel pump, currently installing new fuel lines, sealing fuel tank, and while I'm at it a front sway bar. She's sleeping under her cover until weather warms up the garage so I can finish the fuel system maintenance, and will turn over 58K miles this summer driving events with the local PCA club. driving.gif
QUOTE(mrgreenjeans @ Feb 9 2018, 08:18 PM) *

Just noticed when I made a reply on another post,
I had a date with destiny 11 years ago today.....

I don't post here a lot, but do a fair amount of reading. Thanks folks for being a great source for information on these fantastic but quirky little Porsches.

I came 11 years ago; Riley still has my black car! Someday I'm buying it back...

Good to hear from the Green Man!

Early 1970s - My high school shop teacher had a 914. Mmmm...I was hooked.
1978 - My first 914, a 73 1.7 in the midwest. It was already rusty.
80s-90's - You know - school, wife, kids, career, 1st house...
1998 - Next 914, a 74 2.0L - Light Ivory with Fuchs., Club, rennlist, Pelican, World.
1998-2001 - Wiring harness research and reverse engineering
2001 - Began building 914 wiring harnesses
2001 - My first LE, a Bumblebee, then several more LEs and a couple 914s I parted
Today - Own a 50K mile orignial paint BB, another 74 2.0L ABM project car and have built more than 800 914 wiring harnesses and more than a few MPS's. On the lookout for a perfect Creamsicle...

Met some great 914 friends along the way and the midlife crisis continues to this day, 20 years later... smile.gif

Something you might be surprised to know: I have never owned a 914 that has needed one of my own wiring harnesses, and all are/were FI cars.
Been a member here since 03' and have owned 914's since 1997. Was always a car guy. Muscle/street rod/dirt track racing. When the ex wife moved out unexpectedly in the spring of 97 a coworker asked if I wanted to go to Porsche swap meet to get out of the house. So I tagged along to the last Swap Meet at Ski Roundtop before it moved to Hershey. Met a few 914 guys and ended up buying 2 crappy 914s to make into one. Bought a parts car out of my first PCA mag and scrapped the others. Drove that car for 5 years.
Then while looking at a 356A I found my current car. drove that for five years before I found a 6 mount @ Hershey that started 9 year restoration/conversion. Here's a pic of my car at the 2005 East Coast Cookout and how it looks today.Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
I was a little late to this party. Still been 15 years here or so.

I was on Porschephiles at first. A coworker of mine was a member, and got me into that.

Later there were Porschelist which became Rennlist.

In the meantime, the website, and Tim's 914 Fan Page had 914 forums. They worked well, especially the DGI one.

Pelican invited me to contribute to their website, and do admin-type stuff on their 914 BBS.

Randy at Roadglue put together a forum at the ISP where he was employed at the time.

Then I heard about another forum that was starting up. I didn't give it much thought for a while, but there seemed to be a bunch of activity there. And one of the founders was really good at selling ideas... So I wandered over to the Club site, and here I am!

Got my first 914 in 1991, influenced by the coworker mentioned above. Had my current one since 1993, and broken just about everything on it along the way... wink.gif

I have been on here since about 2001 introduced to the then "Club" by Qarl

1992 - I got my first 914 and attended several 914 Owners Association 'Reunion' events. I met other warp minded 914 friends who are still active here today.

2003 - A member on eBay told me about this place a few months after it came on-line when I asked some questions about a car he was selling.
(I had sold the street car and was racing a 914 at the time.)

2005 - Broke from racing and wanting a streetable 914 again, I found Elvira.

2018 - It gives me great joy to see how the Red Rock and Route 66 Classic events continue to bring us together.
(I really love it that others have now taken on the planning details.)

Click to view attachment
QUOTE(orthobiz @ Feb 10 2018, 07:08 PM) *

QUOTE(mrgreenjeans @ Feb 9 2018, 08:18 PM) *

Just noticed when I made a reply on another post,
I had a date with destiny 11 years ago today.....

I don't post here a lot, but do a fair amount of reading. Thanks folks for being a great source for information on these fantastic but quirky little Porsches.

I came 11 years ago; Riley still has my black car! Someday I'm buying it back...

Good to hear from the Green Man!


Paul, good to hear from you again !

The black car is still in our friend's care. I see it from time to time when visiting. Hopefully Riley will add his thoughts here as well, for I know he comes here often to peruse this site, and has been here much longer than I. I remember going to his shop shortly after buying my '74 and watching him pore over this site. It meant nothing to me back in the mid nineties because I didn't even own a computer then.... I was just beginning my baby steps in the 'new age' of technology and carrying around a Motorola book phone with a handset much like what hung on our kitchen wall ! A pc was not even in my playbook.

I will post a few pics of my car when I get my photo card from my other place, as I don't have it with me now. I should mention the car appears today as it did when it was built by Porsche back in August of 1973. It carries a VIN # of 0089 and originally came with no side stripes, but the original owner who bought it to take on his Honeymoon touring the West Coast and Grand Canyon, also had 'negative' PORSCHE side appliques put on at the door bottoms in black. I noticed a few edges had begun to delam from the door and had chipped off, so the whole stripe was removed. Today it shows as an all yellow car with black sail panels (original) and carries it's FUCHS, foglites, rear window heater, and console with gauges as it's options. It also has a German Blaupunkt Frankfurt with sideband as it's other interior option.

It is pretty hard to believe this August it will be celebrating 45 years of life ..... and averaging less than 1500 miles per year. Most of those miles were put there by the original owner, a school teacher from Great Falls, MT. He had an invoice in the bundle of receipts showing the original gear shift knob was replaced by Porsche under warranty while he was traveling thru Arizona. For some ridiculously low amount ( like 4 or 5 bucks billed out to the factory ), as it had cracked and broken in half off the lever at just a few thousand miles. That was about the only anomaly noted in the sheaf of paperwork that included mostly oil changes and tire rotations during the time he owned it.
Been here since 2004.

Been here since 2009 met a lot a great people and great Bar Q s at Joe Sharps house .
Maltese Falcon
I started the msdsinc online site in 1997, then just kind of surfed various Porsche , VW and BMW sites. At one of the German Autofest aka the Ventura Shows I met many 914 owners that were members on 914Club (914World today )...and mentioned that it's a real cool place for technical chat. So on 9-14-04, I joined up and enjoy the people and tech talk to this day aktion035.gif
Was a Member of 914Club since '04 then migrated here. I've owned over Thirty 914s including Six real -6s, a few Conversions. Currently don't have a 914 for the 1st time since 1992
Been around for 10 years learning, sharing and as a result spending way too much money. The greatest pitfall of an enthusiast forum are fixes and upgrades which cost cubic dollars. I make sure to never tell my wife or all hell will break oose. Oh honey, about that vacation fund, uh...
QUOTE(RickS @ Feb 11 2018, 11:55 AM) *

Been around for 10 years learning, sharing and as a result spending way too much money. The greatest pitfall of an enthusiast forum are fixes and upgrades which cost cubic dollars. I make sure to never tell my wife or all hell will break oose. Oh honey, about that vacation fund, uh...

yup, my wife and 2 of our daughters went on a Paris and London trip last year- guess what her budget was? pretty close to the 914 rust repair and repaint budget wacko.gif i guess thats fair - would be different if this was a daily driver but its an extra or as she says "toy"
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