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Iam thinking of diffrent rims to switch out every so often what off-set would I need for phone dial rims,..?? Thanks
they look nice on a 914 imho

- long ago, Dave Shepard of GPR in SLO had them on his -6 conversion that i recall seeing at the 914 Renegade west coast wramble in Cambria 1996

you might be able to track down a photo via

or -

if i have a photo it would be a color slide in a box in the garage - long before we all went digital

Just google it.
depending on your fenders, harder to find 6" phonedials. Most are 7" and some are 8". Also, be mindful of "early" and "late" offsets which impact fitment or use of spacers as well. Available in 15 or 16" diameters.

early offset are 23mm, just like fuchs and cookies. Late offset are 52mm. If you find 65mm offsets, they are from a 928.
16x7 with 53mm offset (205/50s)

32mm spacers front and rear

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Why,..Thank You Sir..Thats the info I needed,..

Can it be lowered a bit with that set-up,..??
Phone dials and cookies are some of my favorite non Fuch wheels for the narrow body!
Mike Bellis
You need pre-1987 wheels and you can ditch the spacers. The 1986 Turbo phone dials (by ATS) are my favorite. Must be why I have 2 sets. _not for sale_

The 7's & 8's from the turbo might not fit but the early 6's might.

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Just don’t pay too much. $50-75 a set of four. $100 max.
Mike Bellis
QUOTE(mepstein @ Jul 11 2018, 06:14 PM) *

Just don’t pay too much. $50-75 a set of four. $100 max.

If I could get '86 turbo wheels that cheap I would have 10 sets. The skinny ones are cheap but still not that cheap in CA. I get turbo wheels for around $400 a set here. Skinny later wheels about $50 each.
Thanks that's good info I'am dropping some $$$ for this 5 lug set up,..!!,..But, I know its needed for strong brakes and a bit of a different look,.
Here is a picture for you. James has newer pictures.
Inside clearance....this is car sitting at normal ride height.

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