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My Pal Kieth (Please have Larmo check the spelling......... sheeplove.gif ) noticed on the lift yesterday while at eye level, that my tires are tired....... and in need of a full change out to new rubber. A good eye is always good.

Keith (SP / er,......Larmo) was correct..............

The sidewall at the or near the bead is showing hairline cracks (as are we all) and the rear set of two are measurable less endowed......... (Again,....Larmo)

So the question is, is Tire Rack or other the way to go or there a better Tire Rack?

Or just bite the bullet and go the Newport Beach Porsche Dealer route to go all in on their offer to replace all four mounted and balanced for (.....the bargain price of....) $1267.00 plus tire disposal fees ( 20 bucks a tire) and disposal of the disposal wrapping needed in SoCal to dispose of disposal stuff,... add fees of 25 dollars a corner + an environment impact up-surcharge of 45.00 dollars per corner / to cover that hideous rubber-exposure after take off / that which is exposed to the sun or air in the human condition in SoCal not mounted. ......... it goes on and on.... And the air still sucks.


I'm thinking Tire Rack.............. Insight or what is your bad or best experience on a new set of treads?


Pull your own wheels and mark them per corner, take them down to your local Discount Tire and do a visual with the manager with pictures to protect your rims (and their reputation) and get some treads... shades.gif
I typically buy tires from Discount Tire in AZ and they ship right to my door in CA. However, LAUSD recently decided to disband the adult auto shop class (that I'd been attending since 2007), so we no longer have access to a tire changing machine and wheel balancing machine mad.gif

Try to find a local shop with those machines that will let you do them yourself ... and you'll save a ton of $

(This was just one member's opinion) ... cool_shades.gif
Ziptire, most definitely

see this thread:
Done the tire rack thing, it’s fine but mounting is kind of a pain, lots of tire shops try to ream you on the mounting - even though they commit to a price on TR...

I go to Tucker Tire now, better prices mounted & balanced then TR charges for tires and shipping only. They are genuinely nice guys too...
I have done tire rack on the past several sets of tires for all my cars. I just take them to firestone and have them mounted. They will even offer you a road hazard plan on the tires you bought from tire rack.

You should be able to get a real nice set of tires for 150 or less each. $1267.00? ugh.
Simple Tire.
Better prices and free shipping
Mounting and balancing is usually around $12 per wheel
with their contracted installers.
America's Tire is the only way to go.
Depends on tire size. For 225/60 /15 p6000s installed locally at firestone dealer it wa 1200. Very little choice with 15s.. I was able to find an ok firestone tire for cruising for 375 installed for all 4.. Just depends on what your looking for.
Man Forrest, you had me scared. Tire rack has saved me money.
Great advice from all / thanks and i will begin doing local comparisons between suggested dealers.


and Yes Worn: at my age, I scare most anyone........... beerchug.gif
We are lucky. Tire rack warehouse up the road. 15% shop discount. Tire machine at the shop. It cost $3/tire to dispose or we can leave them at the house of one of the guys who lives in town and the city will pick up for free.
QUOTE(1TRICK6 @ Jul 11 2018, 04:18 PM) *

America's Tire is the only way to go.

Forrest this is a no brainer......America’s Tire/Discount Tire is in every city. A flat or other problem is just down the street wherever you live........ flag.gif
Sir Forrest, try American Tire depot. Used them several times. Costco is okay but don’t install tires to a car not original tire size of the car.
I buy my tires from dicounted wheel warehouse in Fullerton and take them to America's tire to mount. DHW has more choices per size and great prices check out the website. Would not have them mount them.
QUOTE(infraredcalvin @ Jul 11 2018, 03:41 PM) *

Done the tire rack thing, it’s fine but mounting is kind of a pain, lots of tire shops try to ream you on the mounting - even though they commit to a price on TR...

I go to Tucker Tire now, better prices mounted & balanced then TR charges for tires and shipping only. They are genuinely nice guys too...

I have had bad experience with Tucker Tire and will never go back to them. They broke the seal on my 3 piece wheel and it leaked. I took it back to me and just said that the rim leaks and have someone fix it. When they put the rims on they never torqued the nuts. I called them and all they had to say was sorry and never admitted to anything including shoddy workmanship.

Call Laurie down at Three Arch Bay, she can get you whatever you want for the cheapest price, and, she is nice to look at.

Coast Motorsports.

Try Lucas Tire over in Long Beach, as they'll have all choices from stock 165HR15 to up-sizes, & are used to working on wheels for classics.

It's a bit more of a drive for you from south County, but probably worth it.

I also like the idea of before & after pix to protect yourself, that someone suggested above.

Good Luck! beerchug.gif
I was at Lucas today buying wide whites for my Ghia.

Great guys to work with.
I just drive the 20 miles out to Tire Rack. Save the shipping. Not that I’d bother, but you pass the Mustang Ranch on the way out and back if you want to double up the purpose of your trip. Then, I head back to Discount tire and they M&B and set me up with a warranty. All pretty cheap as the manager is a friend of one of the kids. In fact he’s going with me to SEMA this year.
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