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914 RZ-1
I've decided I'd like to secure the spare tire cover in the front trunk so it doesn't move around. It seems a bit loose and I want to keep it from moving while driving into turns and over bumps, etc.

I am planning on bolting it to the spare tire with a long bolt going thru one of the wheel nut holes, thru a hole in the cover and a wing nut. But, before I do, I thought I'd see if there were others who had done it and see what they did.

I'd like the spare tire to be bolted separately; in other words, I want to be able to lift up the cover without undoing the bolt that holds the tire in place. I store stuff under it.

I'm making a new cover out of 5/8" plywood (it was free and I want something thicker than stock so it doesn't bend) and I'm not planning on adding any carpet. I'm just going to paint it black.
Have you considered using small patches of heavy duty velcro in the corners? It shouldn't take much to secure the cover and would still allow removal without unbolting anything. Just a thought...
I don't get it, it has worked for 50+ years and now you worry confused24.gif


It's not going anywhere in a street car...unless you are upside down

If in a track and the spare are weight....remove them

The carpet actually helps it stay in place and not shift around
How about a few rubber blocks fastened to the bottom that press into the rim.
Is this real? I've never heard of this problem. Just tank it or remove it. Racers obviously don't carry them. What is your issue??? And pooleeeezzzzzz stop with the random bolts.
Duct tape
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