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Hi Guys - I am still searching for an early rear trunk insulator pad that just covers the rear most 1/3 of the trunk floor. My car had one of these (see picture) but it never made it back from the east coast unfortunately. I checked with ScottyB and he told me he does not have it. So, I really need one. Mine was in great shape and I hope someone has one sitting on a shelf somewhere from a car they no longer have or no longer need that is in just as good, if not better, shape. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year.

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Unfortunately, none of my early cars came with one. I bet most have disintegrated. I would try to find someone who will make a tracing for you so you can buy some material to cut to size.

I feel for you, none of my cars hardware or switches came back from Scotty b.
I think I have one on a shelf in the garage. I'll look tomorrow, and will take pictures if I find it.

Steve A-
There's been one on eBay for awhile now.
Not affiliated.
Looks pretty nice.
They are asking about $80 with another $40 for shipping.
I'd make them an offer they can't refuse....
You can get a reproduction from George @AA and you can get it patina /Aged look as AAs are white/white


Bob B
Hi Raynekat - Thanks for the tip - I have reached out to that seller. We shall see. beerchug.gif
The eBay pad did not work out.

Fortunately SteveA offered up a pad, for the cost of shipping only grouphug.gif , which he has and I can't wait to get it and check that off my list. Thanks guys and especially, Thank you SteveA. Michael beerchug.gif
Just a shout out to @anderssj with a big thank you. He gave me the early trunk pad he had, that I needed, for free! What a great guy. It is this kind of camaraderie and support that makes this place the best. Thanks again Steve A. beerchug.gif
That's what's great about world. I know I have been the recipient of some generosity, and when I can I pay forward too.
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