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About 3/4 through the movie George Clooney is riding in the passenger seat talking on the phone. The car is a open targa, the back pad looks like a 914. Then there is a night shot of the rear of the car pulling up to a house. It's a quick glimpse but I think it's a 914. If it is I thought it would be strange to have a 914 in a current movie. Did anyone else see this?
Very interesting. I saw an episode of E.R. that had George Clooney opening the rear trunk of a 914.
Apparently, someone needs to get George Clooney to join our club!

Aaron Cox
what movie? huh.gif
QUOTE(acox914 @ Oct 13 2003, 06:41 PM)
what movie? huh.gif

like the title of this post says:

"Intolerable Cruelty"
The one in the subtitle: Intolerable Cruelty. Good movie by the way. Very funny, the Cohen brothers have a touch.
Aaron Cox
ah... i thought they were cruel to the car laugh.gif wink.gif

time for the prozac cool_shades.gif

Wrigley is one of these great characters. “He completely worships the ground that Miles walks on,” says Adelstein about his character. “Everything that he has is a knock-off of something of Miles’ – his watch, his suits, Miles drives a 2002 Porsche, Wrigley drives a 1975 Porsche smilie_pokal.gif . He is a cutthroat divorce lawyer, very good at what he does, but he can’t help crying hysterically at weddings because he’s such a softy on the inside.”
Charles Deutsch
Catherine Zeta Jones is pretty cute though, huh?
I had a short film run around the country in 2002. In the film my old '76 2.0L was driven by two guys who were subsequetly 'shot' by the lead actress.

It was nice to put the car on the big screen and the feature film version of the short will feature the car a little more prominantly.

They are awsome cars, cheated by bad marketing and BIG MUSCLE car America.

HA, to the mini's!!!

914's nothing like them on the planet. dance.gif
Hey guys I watched the movie Intolerable Cruelty last night! It has Catherine Zeta Jones & George Clooney. I'm watching it with the wife last night. It's about 3/4 of the way thru & I can't say it was great. All of a sudden George is riding with his lawyer friend somewhere. It just show a side view of them inside the car. You don't actually see the 914 until they stop. Anyway something is looking familiar about that back window. I move up in my seat & I'll be darned if I don't see this light sitting in the middle of the backpad. I just about jump out of my seat telling my wife. IT'S A 914! IT'S A 914! IT'S A 914! Then I can see the details a little better. I clearly see the seat backs & am sure the car is in fact a 914. When they stop the lighting sucks too. Anyone who isn't familiar with 914's would never see what is was!
Anyway it has probably allready been posted. I can't say the movie kicks but or anything. It was worth it just for the 914 sighting though smilie_pokal.gif
Curvie Roadlover
QUOTE(JRust @ Jan 27 2004, 12:49 PM)
I can't say the movie kicks but or anything. It was worth it just for the 914 sighting though smilie_pokal.gif

We are a sick bunch. laugh.gif
I saw one the other day that hasn't been credited yet:

Annie Hall - the Woody Allen Movie. At the end of the film, Woody and Annie are having lunch in LA, and a blue 914 drives by on the street behind her head.

I said the same thing when I saw Intollerable Cruelty. My girlfriend didn't seem to care. It sure didn't sound like a 914, did it?
No it didn't sound like on at all! I thought that was a little weird. I guess we needed to be able to hear them talking with the top off. Would have been nice to see Cathren in there too with her top off too wink.gif
Dave Blackburn
Here ya go!
I couldn't find the actual stunt although.
Aaron Cox
sure e nuff
Watching movie last night, damn if george clooney and some other guy were riding in a red 914.

It was a night scene and first you just see the interior, later you see the car from the rear skid to a stop. Just a few seconds but a nice suprise.

In the last month while channel surfing I have seen some 914's in older movies.

In the Movie Vacation Chevy Chase goes into the sporting good store
to purchase an air pistol. Parked outside the store is a White 914 with the Top off
and a Surf Board sticking out.

In the Dolly Parton Movie 9-5 I saw 2 914's. They just find out the boss went to the
Hospital and they come flying out of the parking garage. Just before the car comes
out of the garage a 914 zips accross the screen I think its silver.
Next scene they arrive at the Hospital parking lot and park next to a really nice looking 914... Might even be a 914/6 its Black or a dark color
i wonder if clooney owns a 914 in real life. there were a few scenes of him in one when he was on ER.

Mike T
A few years ago I was watching news coverage of one of the fires/floods/mud slides in California and during an interview with a homeowner I saw a silver 914 with flares drive by in the background. Ok, sure, maybe not big news in California but in Brackney, PA it's an event. Wondered if it belonged to anyone that ended up here...

Mike T
Nominate this for classic thread status "914's in the Media"
Listing of of the Print and Movies you can catch a glimps of our favorite diversion wink.gif
Spotted a 914 in 1987 movie "Roxanne" with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah.

Didn't Get Smart drive up in a 914 at the start of the show? I know he had an Opel GT and maybe an Karmann Ghia. Yeah, I'm reminiscing...
QUOTE(Jaiderenegadesimpson V8 914 @ May 8 2004, 12:17 AM)
Didn't Get Smart drive up in a 914 at the start of the show?  I know he had an Opel GT and maybe an Karmann Ghia.  Yeah, I'm reminiscing...

No he never drove a 914.
He used 2 Sunbeams - an Alpine and a Tiger.
He did also use a Kharman Ghia and an Opel GT.
Curvie Roadlover
Sunbeam Tiger
Now there is a cool car. Power to spare. If you look into obtaining one, nice ones are $20K + blink.gif
agree.gif They are cool cars. I have a buddy of mine that owns one that was passed down from his Dad. The Dad was the second owner. My buddy is very knowledable of the Tigers and he's qualified/certified to authenticate a car as a Tiger. When I started looking at restoring a car, he wanted me to get a Tiger and he would have helped with the restoration. We couldn't find one that was for sale, before I found the 914 I have. He knew a neighbor that had a MK II that needed restoration, but the guy wouldn't fix it or sell it. Hopefully he can get the guy to sell it and finally get a great car back on the road.
Before you think that James was watching the lifetime channel, I would like everyone to know that this is Hiedi, laugh.gif

Seen a 914 in "Switched at Birth", parked in the hospital parking lot.

Last week, during the first several minutes of the TV movie, 10.5, there was a red flared fendered 914 partially buried under some Seattle rubble.
Rockford Files man! Jimmy's lady friend was in several episodes and she drove
a 914. Garner had a few episodes where he was getting a ride from her also. There was a 914 in that episode he got beat up. 853OKG
He used 2 Sunbeams - an Alpine and a Tiger.
He did also use a Kharman Ghia and an Opel GT.

I wanted a Tiger back then and heard they were fast but squirrely. I did get an Opel though.
There's a blue 914 drives accross in the background in "Annie Hall" the Woody Allen movie. It's towards the end when they do Brunch in LA.
ein 6er
hey, i saw 9 to 5 today, well at least the part with the 914s. the 1st one was silver with steel wheels and hubcaps, i think it was a 6. the exhaust looked like a stock 6 exhaust. the second one looked black, looked like the sail and targa trim were blacked out and the rear bumper was black. it had 4 lug fuchs and what looked like a monza 4 tip exhaust. funny that the 2 were in the same hospital scenes. what's with 914s and hospital scenes?!? confused24.gif

9 to 5 was on the AMC channel and it's scheduled to come on again overnight and tomorrow.

now i got to see the other movies!!
My wife is wondering why I'm interested in watching 9 to 5 with her...

914's CAN bring couples closer
There's a nice Seattle WA 914 featured in a "Trading Spaces" episode.
I had a MkII Tiger. The last model made after Chrysler bought Rootes and killed the Tiger because it didn't want to sell a Ford product. It had a small Chrysler five star emblem on the one front fender, Ford engine, mfg by Rootes. Talk about a bastard child. I miss the car but the rear suspension was no good for twisties.
i thought i remembered seeing a similar web site for 914's only, but check out this link for porsche's in the movies.....porsche's in movies
Damn. 14 popups on one website. ar15.gif
QUOTE(vsg914 @ May 10 2004, 01:13 PM)
Damn. 14 popups on one website. ar15.gif

sorry, i wasn't aware of the pop ups. i use a pop up blocker. i highly reccomend them.........
Watched Murder by Numbers (Sandra Bullock) and saw an orange 914. It pulled into a parking space in the background during the scene where Richie Haywood was on a pay phone with the D.A. Did anybody else catch it?
I've got another sighting that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere.
In "Menace II Society" some guys are in a parking garage and steal a car and are blocked in by the police when they try to drive out. They try to run and hide behind
some other cars--one is a white 914! Not especially my type of movie--just happened to park on that particular channel long enough to catch another rare sighting clap56.gif
Right after Carrie pushes her mother onto the bed when she is leaving to go to the prom, they cut to a wide shot of people walking up the street to enter the prom, there is an Olympic blue teener dominating the lower left corner of the screen.
So can we guess what your watching right now?

I missed it headbang.gif time smile.gif
must have been mine!
Aaron Cox
Intolerable cruelty - when George Cluny and his aid are racing to his house to stop weazy joe from killing Catherine Z!

It was amazing - and guess who pointed it out that it was a 914 almost as quickly as I did?

My wife - so there.

That was was brought up before, it's a red 6. The ones that are cool is, if you rent old movies from the 70's you see a lot of them. I was watching reruns from the 70's on Nick at night and there are almost always 914's in those.
Aaron Cox
QUOTE(Aaron Cox @ Dec 5 2004, 02:49 PM)

headbang.gif Good God man---come up with something different to say will ya???? lol2.gif lol2.gif lol2.gif
anyone ever see the white one w/ the surf board in the ozwald's family vacation...they get back to town in the beat up wagon and theres one sitting on the street.
Jake Raby
I see alot late at night on the old re-runs of C.H.I.P.s

A ton of bugs as well, pretty cool.
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