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Owner: jim_hoyland
Year: 1975 914-4
Engine: 2056 L-Jet
Color: Copper Metallic
Details: Bought in 1983 in Sunset Beach, the car has been upgraded to: 2056cc, 5-lug Fuchs 6x16 with Kumho 205x16, front/rear sway bar, Koni Reds all around, Rennshifter, 911M calipers and 911SC vented rotors, custom leather interior with 911 style dash, 911 power flag mirrors, power windows, heated leather GTS LeMans seats
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914 oil cooler parts, Tangerine racing oil cooler adaptor Sat. 03/02/2024 08:31:56 PM
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FS: Miscellaneous parts Sat. 03/02/2024 04:22:37 PM
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